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Road Your what the &##* moments

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    road rage.jpg
    Have you experienced such moments on your bike? A narrow escape, antisocial car drivers, fellow bikeriders behaving like morons, an epic save etc etc.

    Curious to learn what kind of exciting situations you've been in on or off the road...
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  2. James

    James Active Member

    Incidents with cars - too numerous to list
    Incidents with other riders - too numerous to list, the most exciting being crashes (broken hip being the worst)
    Incidents with animals - ran across a wild pig yesterday, was attacked by 3 dogs 2 years ago (drew blood, ended up with 2 of the 3 dogs getting their heads chopped off to verify no rabies)
  3. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    Yikes! I'm not afraid of dogs, but after hearing that, I think I should be. I've whacked a few in the face with a frame pump.
  4. Günthar

    Günthar Active Member

    ...... getting married....

    which lead to ..... getting divorced....

    So... the bad can lead to the good....
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  5. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa Member

    Well there is one incident where my (narrow) tires got stuck between the tram rails. Couldn't get out but luckily I didn't fall. Was a very close one though.
  6. Morten Wernersen

    Morten Wernersen Member

    wtf moments? where to start! :p

    as a kid my first big shunt was getting my front wheel court on a curb, resulting in me flying over my handle bars smacking my face into the pavement and knocking some sense into me and two front teeth, they where kiddie teeth so I grew some new ones out a couple of years later :)

    Another weird crash I had, was when I borrowed my moms bike, it was a bit old and the chain was loose, I went over a bump in the road, and I was standing in the pedals, but the chain managed to derail on both front and rear gears, at the same time, resulting in me crashing to the pavement and terring up my knee.

    Problems with cars? I've had a few, the worst was a guy turning in right infront of me, so I crashed into the side of his car, I escaped luckely with I big blue mark on my hip and a stiff shoulder, The motorist claimed he haddent seen me, even tho the road was straight as an arrow :S

    Problems with other cyclists? havent really had many, I did have one guy telling me to go faster, then to seconds later he flipped of a motorist, maybe he had a bad day.
    A funny thing I've noticed here in Denmark is other cyclists waving at me when I pass them, at first I thought they had mistaken me with someone they knew, cos I dident recognized them, then I realized it was like a "hi" like motorbikes do when they meet other motorbikes, so now I just wave back when others cyclists wave at me :)
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  7. Paul Garrett

    Paul Garrett Member

    I used to ride in the Toledo, Ohio area a lot. That was the worst as far as people throwing stuff at me as they passed in their cars. But what takes the cake was when they would seem to try to hit me with an arm or leg sticking out from the vehicle window. Hard to say what that would have done to me, but I guaranty serious damage to their extremity with the speed differential between us. Fortunately I never had the opportunity to find out.

    @Morten Wernersen: I had a similar experience when I bought my Jeep Wrangler. Other Wrangler drivers were waving at me. It took me a few times to catch on but now I'm waving all the time. I always wave and smile at other cyclists and joggers/runners. Walkers, too. I guess I try to be pleasant to everyone I meet on trails. I figure they are out getting fresh air and exercise instead of sitting at home in front of the TV - that happens a lot here in the States - and hope to encourage them.
  8. Rupe68

    Rupe68 Member

    New brake blocks, need i say more...lmao
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  9. Morten Wernersen

    Morten Wernersen Member

    Had a WTF? moment after my ride on monday, my rear tire started to be more and more deform as i was riding, and it was bumping a lot, then the next morning I came to my bike and found it flat and the rear tire shreded up! :O
    The innertube looked like it had a peice of rubber missing from it causing a big hole, and the tire had carbon threads stikking out of it, I just wonder what caused the flat? a faulty innertube or a faulty tire? I've never seen anything like this!
  10. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    I typically give everybody a friendly little wave regardless of the type of vehicle they're in or on. Even when a car or truck comes around me from behind (especially if they're giving me a wide berth) I'll give a little "thank you" wave. Just my small way of saying "Thanks for not hitting me or killing me. Much appreciated and good on you." :)
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  11. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek New Member

    One thing that definitely makes me say "WTF" is when motorists stop where they have no reason to, so they can waive me across, only to give me impatient looks. Seems to only happen when I have planned to stop for a drink too. I realize they are usually just being nice but... I think I can manage to cross on my own. Nevertheless, seems to happen quite frequently here. (I should add, these are not high traffic areas, they are usually the only car around.)

    I've definitely had a few spills, but those were mostly cases of being a kid and seeing how big of a jump I could land.:p
  12. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    @Paul Garrett
    Same happened to me long time ago. People trying to hit me from the cars, even with a bottle of soda. Apparently it's an international behaviour :-(. But in the latter years, here, people seems to behave nice.
    Now the biggest problem in Romania are the dogs. There is no road where you can be 100% sure it will not happen anything bad.
    Even last days I fight with one bad dog. He jump to byte me and I hit him in head with my front wheel and until the owner came we had a good battle with my bike between his teeth and my legs.
    I wish you all a safe ride!
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  13. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi New Member

    A few years ago, when I was doing my morning mountainbike run in Italy, I suddenly had a rabbit overtake me, closely followed by a fox. I tried to follow them, but I couldn't keep up on the uphill bits. I think the rabbit was faster, but I guess we'll never know.
  14. Paul Garrett

    Paul Garrett Member

    I've been lucky with dogs - none have bit me.....yet. If anyone questions whether invisible fencing works...it does. I've seen a number of dogs turn from full speed when they reach the end of their property. Amazing!
  15. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    One day I was driving home from work in my Mini Cooper when suddenly I saw a guy in the middle of the road making faces and taking selfies and I was like, "WTF?" :laughing:
  16. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    Invisible fences? Nice. But for this, the owner must have much " visible common sense" which here it is very hard to find :-(. Anyway we go forward hoping for good.
  17. István Milbich

    István Milbich Member

    This morning in the forest behind me ran 10 meters of a paved road one tusker .Very a scared because I did not have a chance to rise up against him. He probably even more scared than I am because they immediately ran back into the woods. He added a few extra watts of power this little adventure with my
  18. FLOKI

    FLOKI Member

    Riding in Thailand the many dogs that chase you or try to ambush you as you ride past.
    I got knocked off my bike by an Elvis impersonator once that was a tad surreal....Lucky he did not start to sing.
    I say thank god to Scott helmets saved my scull.
  19. Morten Wernersen

    Morten Wernersen Member

    Had, not a wtf moment, but more a wow moment on my ride today, I passed this guy lying on his back on his bike, and peddeling with his hands, the most impressive thing was he was keeping a good steady pace of 30kp/h! It took me a little while to pass him, I thought that was really cool :)
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  20. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    One day I (no.1) was riding on my own pace when a man (no.2) with a Mini keep honking and flashing me for few miles when suddenly I saw a guy (3) in the middle of the road making faces and taking selfies and I was like, "WTF?" :laughing: :cool:

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