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Other Where can I buy Transparent Waterbottles?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    I am trying to find clear transparent waterbottles for my bike. See them a lot in videos but seems I can't find them online. Where??
  2. James

    James Active Member

  3. Jim Layee

    Jim Layee Senior Member

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  4. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Senior Member

    @Bram Funny you should mention that. I love transparent bottles but they are becoming increasingly harder to find. I happened to mention it to a friend of mine who runs a bike business and he explained that all 'proper' water bottles have to be biodegradable. Apparently it's more difficult and expensive to produce biodegradable bottles in clear plastic which is why they are harder to find.

    My favorites are the SIS ones. They are printed (and more translucent than clear) but you can easily see the contents. Soft and easily squeezable, an easy valve that feels good in the mouth, and they don't leak (you would think these things should be a given, but i never fail to be amazed by the amount of bottle fails). They tick a lot of boxes, but it would be nice if they had a wider neck and they scuff easily so I tend to replace them every year. The cost pales into insignificance compared to the rest of my cycling expenditure lol
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  5. Jim Layee

    Jim Layee Senior Member

    I've used SIS bottles for years, they always seemed to be giving them away at events around here for some reason. I gave the clear ones a try and for some reason they look more refreshing on a hot day , go figure. I didnt know about the biodegradability thing but i suppose it makes sense on the racing scene. Actually it makes sense period.
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