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Sport Tour de France 2017

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    With exception of one stage this Tour de Pharmacie has been extremely boring and disappointing from a TV viewer point of view.

    Today the boys will hit the Pyrenees for the first time. Will the boredom be over now?
  2. Jim Layee

    Jim Layee Senior Member

    Cracking final 500m but I agree that this tour is a snorefest. Watching the UK ITV4 coverage of the Tour de Sky is a real trial of my patience made worse with having to suffer professional liar and one time doping enthusiast David Miller.
  3. John.Dylan.Spooner

    John.Dylan.Spooner Active Member

    Stopped following cycle racing since the Armstrong farce , I do not trust Sky or anything bank rolled through Murdoch's family empire.
    I have seen to little action from the UCI to clean up the sport in any effective way's.
    If anything the lid of silence has become has been well glued down since US Postal's era.
    Doping as moved on & is harder to combat than it ever was before some would even say to a genetic level of cheating these days.
    I for one can not take these almost skeletal thin ride's serious these days their lack of fat defies any logic I grew up with when the rider's like Kelly were around, yes you had the odd thin rider but they never won many big tours.
    I did keep track of the last week of this years TDF after noticing a French rider doing well they are long over due a return to the big time , But doping for French rider can land you in prison.
    As for US Postal V.2 (Sky) we will be luck if anything come's out about their real secret cycling can not afford another big doping cover up & the UCI is control by a former BCF president , every body smells a Rat but no smoking gun yet only the odd brown paper bag , but that was legal under the rules.
    Cycling is a wonderful Hobby & sport , only spoilt by cheats across all levels of the sport from grass roots to the top pro ranks.
  4. Jim Layee

    Jim Layee Senior Member

    @John.Dylan.Spooner I totally agree with you about UK Postal (Sky) . I was watching during the Armstrong era, and was a fan, and When i first saw Sky at the TDF it was pure deja vu - and still is.

    RE Armstrong, I think he's been made a scapegoat for that era of open doping and despise how the riders that clamoured to get on his squad manage to shift the blame for their doping onto them. Yes he was and is a total tosser but what a rider and I dont believe he was racing against any clean riders back then.
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  5. John.Dylan.Spooner

    John.Dylan.Spooner Active Member

    The whole level of doping in the EPO era has still not been fully addressed , we may be all long dead before the real truth comes to lite in some Historical book 70 or 80 years from now.
    Has we have seen in the past many former riders have admitted take performance drugs once they are safely past the 10 years cut off point for prosecution for cheating.
    Armstrong was a scapegoat for sure , when you think the real doped to the gills riders like team manager Bjarne Riis took far higher levels of EPO than Armstrong ever did , It is a good guess that Miguel Indurain was also using massive amounts even though there is little chance of proving such facts now while serveral top pro riders that race along side him during that time were linked to EPO use , If you look at the shift of power that turned the GEC upside down when he won his first TDF the winning margin was massive 10 mins plus over the previous year winner Greg Lemound who was not even in the Top 3 riders in fact most of the leading riders from the last two years races were distance by a massive jump in performance & that was the early 90's .
    The First death from EPO use was I think in 1989 so 1990/91 was when you could take a Donkey & turn it into a race horse , from that point on Cycling changed.
    Ever since then we have had mystery illness in Cycling that once cured turned riders into super human's Cancer in Armstrong's case, explained his mixed results before his illness.
    Froome who first TDF results would have not led to anyone been worried about him winning four TDF so far was some blood infection picked up from swimming in Water in Africa.
    back then he was not in Sky , soon has he joined Sky wow their doctors cured him .
    Then there was the asthma epidemic in the pro ranks.
    Money dictates Cycling these days the show must be good & nothing will be allowed to uproot that system anytime soon.
    I am not going to pretend Cycling as ever been clean, what sport is past or present. but the current format is a joke that lots are not buying fully into.
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