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MTB Pictures of your latest mountain bike ride

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    These new trails are soooo good. Smooth, fast+flowing with just the right amount of technical rocky sections to keep you on your toes. 8 miles on the road from my house makes a nice warm up. Left before 7am to beat the heat and July 4th crowds. One of the few times I was glad to have 5am insomnia.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
    Purpose built for mountain biking, and it's obvious when you ride them.
    Ended up with 23 miles total, about 10 on trails.
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  2. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    With perfect weather for a long time now, I decided to visit one of the nearby trails. Second time here, I snapped some photos while riding around :)

    The trailhead which featured both the mtb trail (next to the big sign) aswell as running/walking/horse trails. This place has a bit of everything for every outdoor person.
    A typical view of the trail which snakes its way through the large forest, here its right before a small downhill section.
    Basically the same here as above, just in the other end of the forest.
    Some transport bits here aswell which had nice views on either side and a perfect opportunity to get a breather. Hot though with no wind.

    This little hill was a hidden black, short, 40 degree descent. It intimidated me whilst looking at it, but since the ground was soft, I decided to try it out since crashing would be relatively painless. Thankfully I made it and redid it several time trying to learn braking and weight shifting technique. Good fun!
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  3. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    Looks like some good fast singletrack there.
  4. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    Yep, it is. Mostly XC stuff, but a few good trail features too.
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  5. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    Another rail-trail excursion. Went to Virginia again, but almost got rained out. Was glad my family agreed to ride on a damp, cold gray afternoon with me. They agreed it was worth the chill to have the trail mostly to ourselves. About 17 miles out and back, with a nice cozy BBQ restaurant hot lunch as the destination.

    Tight squeeze for all the gear and luggage

    b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg g.jpg
    Original train. Stopped running in 1977. Hard to believe it was that recent.
    h.jpg e.jpg
    She's glad I have fenders!
  6. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    Seriously good looking bike that is
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  7. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

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  8. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Senior Member

    Such a beautiful and interesting ride. Nice one Arthur!
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  9. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    Trying out my new crank situation, enjoying some nice Autumn color.

    Went to a new Shimano XT crank to:
    1. go to a smaller chainring and lower my range overall. From 32t to 30t. Slight but noticeable.
    2. save some weight. The Shimano Zee crank that was on there will make a nice a boat anchor.
    Installed a Wolf Tooth 30t Narrow/Wide.
    Also noticed the little more clearance over the logs, so yay.
    Not sure why Shimano feels they need to change bolt patterns every 4 months, but whatever.


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