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Other Introduce Yourself Here

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Petra, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    That was the first thing that popped into my mind, too. Vikings = My favorite show. Floki's such a great character on there. Welcome Floki and everyone else. Glad to have you all here and see this small community growing. :)
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  2. FLOKI

    FLOKI Member

    Oh and a big fan of the show too should have added that..
    yes a small community but with good members and good input it will grow.
    Thanks for the welcome.
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  3. ArkHiver

    ArkHiver Member

    Hello all!
    I've come over from Racedepartment :)
    And since I'm not only a fan of gasoline powered 4-wheeled racing action, but also of riding on two wheels, I thought why not register and say hello? :)

    My name is Markus, 26yrs old and I live & ride in Munich, Germany. I've been riding for a little over a year now, before that running has been my main sport. Due to a nasty knee injury I had to find an alternative, and you know what? Cycling is every bit as good (if not sometimes even better!) as running, and I really enjoy it.
    So far I'm working my way up to a metric century. I've done 75kms a couple of times in the past (And boy, has it been grueling in the last kilometers), so the metric century should be somewhat possible this year. Hopefully.

    I'm looking forward to nice discussions here. If I can manage to do a couple nice shots of future rides, I'll share them here.
    So long, and good riding to all!
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  4. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

    Welcome @ArkHiver and all other members who have recently joined us. Nice having you all.
  5. Velo Wringer

    Velo Wringer Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    MY name is Velo Wringer, 55 years of age.
    No actually it is Don van Basten. Age is true, though. Velo Wringer came from an antique laundry appliance [​IMG] when I had to invent a nick for LFS, that started my simracing.

    What nice to see a Cycling Department! It was so surprising and fitting to see your post Bram :). I started half december 2015 with a daily 3 km tour on my old MTB because my condition was... yeah, not really there, after many years in a chair behind a pc. The turning point was when I was overtaken by an old lady on a bike. She was NOT on an e-bike. Thank you old lady! May you still be speeding along, at 12 kmh.

    Mind: 3 km every day the same little route the same time, rain or shine. Slow beginnings I thought or I might not make it at all. Soon I was addicted and had many great rides, wind force 10 and beautiful skies and heavy rain. I forgot those existed, sitting at home.

    As if by some magic a really proper bike came on my path and that was amazing, didn't know these things made such a difference. Condition improved much.
    Doing 40 kms a day easy now and best of all: the satisfaction of overtaking an E-BIKE on my 60's SHOPPING BIKE!

    So a new world opened literally and a super way to keep healthy. I try to keep my (mostly) nightly rides on a website: http://don1.home.xs4all.nl/fiets/
    Have a look if you want.

    Velo (Wringer) of course means bike too, apart from "Speed (Squeezer)". It is all so connected isn't it haha ;P

    Happy riding,
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  6. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

    Whaha I recognize that !!! Not cool at all.

    Great having you Don!. If you are on Strava make sure to join our little group so you can keep track of other people's rides. Helps the motivation a lot.
  7. Velo Wringer

    Velo Wringer Well-Known Member

    Hey Bram, would like to join Strava but have no smartphone (yet). I read you can enter data manually? That would make it soooo easy to cheat haha! I wouldn't of course :innocent: but I think I will wait till I have one.

    Some amazing distances btw. grats!
  8. Dennis

    Dennis Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Dennis, 24 years old from Germany.

    When I read about this site on RaceDepartment I thought this was some kind of inside joke at first :D Fast forward a couple of months and here I am.

    Apart from driving virtual race cars, I haven't done a lot of sports ever since leaving high school. But about a month ago I rode a bicycle again for the first time in 6 years and immediately loved it. Have been riding almost daily ever since :)

    This seems like a great forum and it's also really nice to see what everyone has been up to on Strava.
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  9. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

    Welcome @Dennis. Great that you caught the cyclobug again as well.

    I'll be close to you this weekend when we are touring the Eifel ;)
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  10. Velo Wringer

    Velo Wringer Well-Known Member

    Okay, joined strava anyway, it's just too nice to wait! Manually entered the kms and dates I kept in my log. No times etc. didn't write those.
    Hope I get my phone soon, great to automatically have a map where you been, since I get lost sometimes ;P

    (That average of my last ride is bogus, since it is the only time I had. Actually it was 20.4 according to my cyclo-thingy.)
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  11. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

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  12. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    Hi all, you may remember my name from racedepartment :).

    I recently caught the cycling bug and bought my first real performance bike a couple of days ago. A 2017 Giant TCX SLR 1 cyclocross bike. Took it for its first spin this afternoon and loving every minute of it. Threw everything at it; asphalt, mud, wet grass, wet gravel and it never missed a beat. Brakes are brilliant, the ride very good, transmission dead silent and shifts perfectly. The new clothing also performed perfectly. Very happy new cyclist here :)
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  13. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick New Member


    I'm Oscar, 22, from the United Kingdom. I've just bought my first proper road bike as a means of commuting to and from university. I have moved about 5 miles away from uni this year and thus needed a good means of transport. I've done plenty of off road cycling in the past but this road bike commuting stuff is new to me. Good fun though, enjoying the higher speeds. :)
  14. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

  15. Ramon

    Ramon Member

    Hi everyone,

    Ramon, 46yrs; married and three kids (7, 10 and 13) and of course a Golden Retriever dog named Max.
    Also co-founder of RaceDepartment.com, so still familiar faces here :)

    After 40 years of no sports and my body protesting against it, I started running in 2012 to get some exercises and feeling better. That helped in a great way. No climbing stairs is easy as it should be. With up and downs in running i was recently seduced by @Bram to enter the world of cycling and now joining CyclingDepartment.

    Of course Dutchies know how to cycle, but i only have a normal sport-city bike with 8 speed. I don't like road/race bike very much, but MTB's seems nice, so I watched lots of Youtube vids about MTB. After some days of watching I was in need to get a Mountainbike for myself so I ordered the Canyon AL SL 6.9 yesterday which will arrive hopefully this December. Seems like a nice low to mid range MTB to start going with good stuff around it.
    Can't wait to experience the biking for myself and share my experience with you guys.

    See you around.
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  16. Velo Wringer

    Velo Wringer Well-Known Member

    Hi Ramon, welcome to the club. A whole new world will open for you - at least that happened to me when I started riding on a proper bike. Have lots of fun :)

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  17. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

  18. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    Hello @Ramon. It is a very nice bike. Welcome to this "new world". From now on you will see with different eyes the landscape. Always in search for new roads for you to ride :). Have fun and we waiting for photos with bike and your first rides. If Bram it is your guide I'm sure there will be some great rides in the future to share with us.
  19. Ramon

    Ramon Member

    Thx guys. Small correction from my side. I ordered a Canyon, and cancelled the order today.
    Today I got mail about order. It is delayed and now I need to wait till the end of January. That is a wopping three months from now. Unacceptable!

    After some browsing and help from Bram (thx) i noticed a Cube LTD Pro 29 2017 which was in stock (the last one). So I expect it this week if everything is going well.
  20. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    With Bram you couldn't go wrong and now he has time to search the web until will be back on saddle ;).
    You gain some "power" with the Cube. Cassette 11-42T vs Canyon 11-36. No hill will resist in front of you from now on :)
    Good biking and sunny days :sun:
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