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Other Introduce Yourself Here

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Petra, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Günthar

    Günthar Active Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Günthar, born and barely raised in New Zealand. Currently a store manager in a cycle shop. Those from RaceDepartment may know me for my days making content for racing sims. I only seem to use a PC these days to look at Strava and Facebook haha.

    I have always been in to cycling in one form or another and currently ride and race Road and MTB.

    If you haven't been, come now to New Zealand and go riding! :)
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  2. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan Member

    Hi all, my name is Wayne, i'm 34 and from the UK.

    Got a road bike back in 2014 from the cyclescheme in work. Cannondale CAAD8 Sora.

    Never really it used much, got it for just commuting at the time but now, I want to lose weight and get healthier.

    Not done anything major, longest ride is 23 miles but in the month of June I've rode 199 miles, which is 199 more than I've ever done at any time in my life :) The weight is starting to come down too.
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  3. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    I found my way here from racedepartment.com . Thanks to Bram for starting this. Cycling is my first love of a hobby, so here I am. Sim driving is a distant 2nd, and driving on a real track would have to be 3rd, since that only happens once or twice a year. :p

    I raced bikes when I was a teen, but have continued riding when I can, and worked in bike shops for many years. There was probably a 10 year stretch where I rode bikes to work almost exclusively, putting less than 1000 miles on my car a year. I switched jobs 3 years ago and now must drive 80 miles a day round trip, so I can feel my fitness leaving me since now I am lucky to ride even twice a week.

    I really love mtn biking, and am lucky enough to have some very nice trails nearby. Mtn biking is a lot like driving. You find lines, look for apexes and brake points, deal with breaking traction/sliding. When it all works, nothing feels better than flowing clean thru a tricky section like the Variante Ascari in my Assetto Corsa's digital Monza, the uphill esses at the real VIR, or a banked decreasing-radius turn on the trail.

    Aside from riding/driving, I like hanging out with my kids and keeping an old 270,000 mile Miata alive. :)
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  4. James

    James Active Member

    James here, from the Houston, Texas, USA area which is blessed with flat lands, coastal winds, and summer weather that provides training ground should you end up in Hell (or am I already there?). Been riding non-stop since 2001, raced for 5-6 years on the road, track, and cyclocross, now just pack in the miles and intensity for fun.
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  5. Fernando Zart

    Fernando Zart Member

    Plan to do this someday. I've never been in NZ or AU, but they are on my travel list for sure!!
    Only places outside Brazil on which I rode are Uruguay, Argentina (Bariloche, beautiful!), and USA (Southern islands on Florida - another beautiful place).
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  6. Fernando Zart

    Fernando Zart Member

    270K miles?? Kudos for that Miata! ;)
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  7. Michael

    Michael Member

    Hi all.
    My name is Mike, I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm 45 years old and two of my favorite hobbies are sim racing and bicycling.
    I have 2 bikes, a Framed Alaskan fatbike and a Trek Xcal mt.bike. I'd like a road or cyclo bike but I'm not too sure I can persuade the wife. Anyhow I hope it is ok.. I joined the strava club. :)
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  8. Morten Wernersen

    Morten Wernersen Member

    Hi I'm Morten
    I'm 31 and from Denmark, I'm one of those simracers too, been riding my bike since I was 3 years old. when I was younger more as transportation, but later years it's more become a thing to keep in shape, tried running but found it boring, so I went back on the bike. I've been doing a lot of road cycling but I've been wanting to try out mountain biking lateley, I've seen some trails in a nearby forrest, so I'll probably try and go there and try them out! :)

    Nice to meet you all here! :)
  9. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa Member

    All these familiar names...feel right at home here. Fascinating to see how many of us 'lazy' gamers are actually pretty active
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  10. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I'm Burke from North Carolina, USA, just turned 49. Casual road-biker here, not riding as much or as far as I used to. Tried a few group rides years ago but after breaking a collarbone whilst trying to keep up with others beyond my ability, now I just enjoy riding shorter routes closer to home, for fun & fitness. Worries the wife less, too, not venturing too far from home amidst lots of traffic.

    I've got a 10 mile loop consisting of low-traffic back roads with some decent climbs & descents that I enjoy treating like a time trial, tracking data, always trying to improve. I like seeing how gradual improvements in my cycling data results in decreasing numbers on the weighing scale which results in decreasing numbers in my cholesterol. It's funny how the older you get, the more your focus turns to such things.

    Along with cycling I enjoy sim-racing, flight sims, and playing heavy metal guitar.
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  11. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    Forgot to add mine.

    I am Bram, 40 years old from The Netherlands.

    Back in February of this year I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 which is basically the luxury version of the diabetes type 1 that some are unfortunately born with. Type 2 has many causes but what caused it for me was pretty straight forward: not a very healthy diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, stress etc etc. On top of that I was the main shareholder of the Marlboro Company for the last 25 years with a daily consumption of at least a pack of cigarettes a day.

    All of us with an unhealthy lifestyle know eventually that day will come where the blunt truth catches up with you. So in the last couple of weeks/months I've made some drastic lifestyle changes. Per the first of May:
    • Zero cigarettes a day (Gosh, the extra cash!!!)
    • No more sugar. Less carbs (kinda). More veggies. More water etc
    • To bed much earlier.
    • And most importantly: MORE EXERCISE in the form of doing a solid bicycle ride every day / multiple times a week.
    The results after two months:
    • Lost at least 10 kg of body-weight (Gained a lot of muscle though)
    • Blood-pressure from a scary shocking high value to a steady healthy 117/80.
    • Blood-sugar level: from 9.6 to 7.9 to 5.1 and dropping.
    • Feeling fitter and fitter each day by racing either my road bike or mountain bike with a very much improved overall health and stamina.
    The above was one of the reasons to start this new website, but most of all I love bikes so I am sure we'll be having a great time together in this new community.
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  12. Tim Davila

    Tim Davila Member

    Tim Davila, 31, simracer enthusiast, Audio Engineer Daily Job, reporting for cycling duty lol
    Thanks for this space really loving it!

    i was a skateboarder for 12 years, stopped after some injuries.
    I also used to go cycling everyday to school 25km daily for 4 years...

    i was stopped from exercises for some years, i work in my home where i built my Studio, (i dont have a car by choice so i aways walk a lot to get the subway and bus also to move around my city) that was my only exercises for some years already .

    i stopped smoking 4 months ago after 15 years smoking 1 pack a day, I also made a full checkup after stopping whit smoke, my doctor says im very healthy, but i was gaining wheight without smoking so 7 days ago i decided to get my bike full revised and started cycling again daily starting 8am. 15km at least, around 1+ hour tour near my Studio/Home.
    Already hooked to cycling again ;-)
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
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  13. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    My name is Alan, I am 37 from England, and I am, like some here, trying to change my lifestyle to something a little healthier, shift some timber and get outside and see some places. I came over from the racedepartment forums, where i am lurking, but not especially active. I enjoy sim racing, and have read a little on fitness helping racing performance, turning 37 came as a bit of a shock, as i have piled on quite a few pounds, I am 6ft 2 and nearly touching 19 stones, 266lbs for the Americans or 120.6kg for the Europeans.

    A few years ago, I started running and partaking regular fitness, but a little injury curtailed my efforts and i went back to the fridge. A few years before that, I was a chainsmoking alcoholic, so its an improvement, but not where I would like to be.

    I own a claud butler pinelake, which i bought 7 years ago, the same day i went out on my first date with my now fiance. It's been fine for trail work and cycling around a few of the nearby attractions, however i have my eye on a road bike to put in some good mileage when the nights are longer.

    looking forward to sharing my adventures, and reading about yours.

    Cheers, Alan
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  14. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    Welcome Alan. Glad to read you have made a decision to workout more as well. That's the first and most important step. Well done
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  15. Jim Layee

    Jim Layee Senior Member

    I'm Steve from the increasingly inaccurately name United Kingdom. Last year i past the half century mark which is truly rubbish.
    As you can see from my bike pix post I'm single and can have as many bikes/trikes as i want to =D
    I ride for leisure and pleasure and will ridicule anyone on Strava. If provoked I may set the P******* fairy on anyone who competes at sportives.

    I don't do real cars but love sim racing. Go figure.
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  16. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    Hi guys,
    I am Flaviu, 47 from Romania.
    I'm a simracer and a cycling lover :).
    I was born in a small town in the hill county and my first years on bike was amazing. Back then we don't have any computer bike or internet or GPS, even a photocamera was hard to achieve, and all I have it is some beautiful, beautiful, beautiful memories from that time. Now I living in the plains. It is sooooooo boring. I'm not a "sprinter" person. I was a "climber" it was between me and the hill (and I don't win every time). Now, after 30 years, with the job and family and simracing it is hard to be on bike. Still I try to make almost everyday my 30 km trying to be in good shape and health. I joined Strava, and my route is there. Still hoping to "meet" some hills in the near future.
    Also my bike it is a noname from '95 and we saw together a lot of roads :) and it is still serving me very well.
    Have a good ride!
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
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  17. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Hi everyone. my name is Gavin. I'm 38 years old and I'm from Dublin Ireland.
    I was an avid racedepartment Xbox F1 league racer back in the day. I was never much of a cyclist and never would've known how much it would change my life going forward. I started 3 years ago with a second hand mountain bike which was grand, did the job. Then a few months after as I got the itch. I decided to upgrade when I availed of the bike to work scheme. To put a long story short my local bike shop sold me a lovely Orbea road bike, and they had a road cycling club for all level of abilities so I joined. started off doing 60km spins with them then moved up 100km spins on Saturdays which then advanced to Sportive events. Then following year I raced in the club league which was amazing. Now this year I've stepped up again doing open racing. It's been a fantastic journey so far. I've made so many new friends in the club, on the road and via Strava. I look forward to engaging with you all soon.
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  18. FLOKI

    FLOKI Member

    Hi Folks Floki here from Perth and an avid cyclist and late night TDF watcher.
    Ride road and a growing interest in gravel grinding for the solitude of those roads.
    I hope i can learn something here looks like a good group.
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  19. jimortality

    jimortality Well-Known Member

    Floki are you a Viking? lol
  20. FLOKI

    FLOKI Member

    Ancestry only my grandfather stowed away on tall ships from Norway turn of last century or is that before..Long time ago.
    And I love to sail.
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