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Other Indoor Trainer

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Vitaly Babiy, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Vitaly Babiy

    Vitaly Babiy New Member


    Does anyone use an indoor trainer? if so and which?

    I have been debating if I should get a kickr or a neo.

    Also feel free to follow me on zwift, been really enjoying that lately ;)
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  2. Warren king

    Warren king New Member

    Friend of mine uses the Kickr and loves it, although having looked at reviews, the Neo seems to be a lot quieter so if that's important to you and you can afford it, go Neo!

    I'll be firing up Zwift as soon as I have my smart trainer!
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  3. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Senior Member

    I have a neo. It's reasonably quiet but not as silent as some would have you believe. To be honest, by the time you've got the noise of the bike plus a cooling fan plus the noise of the neo and whatever else might be going on in the background, the cumulative 'training noise' you'll produce isn't that dissimilar to any other setup i've used.

    Quite honestly i wouldn't see the noise factor as a dealbreaker either way. Also the neo has a lot more technical gubbins to go wrong - and it weighs a ton lol. There's not a whole lot of difference in the ride feel. The Kickr is perhaps marginally smoother but it's barely perceptible.

    That said, i do like it a lot but i suspect i would have been equally happy with a Kickr (which i've also tested btw). I just happened to get a good deal on my neo and also i thought the noise thing would turn out to be a bigger deal than it actually was.

    On a slightly different note i recently got a Wahoo Elemnt computer which has seen all my garmins gathering dust so Wahoo certainly know how to make nice hardware.

    I'd say just look around for a good deal and go with your gut instinct. Either way you're getting a damn good training experience.
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  4. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    I might get a plain set of rollers this season, and build up an old bike that I won't mind drenching in sweat.

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