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Road Falling of your bike?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Wayne Morgan, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan Member

    Anybody had a fall?

    I was out today, it was raining and I came across an old railway/tram line of some sort, been tarmaced over in the past but the line is visable. Anyway, as I'm coming to the line, I'm at an angle due to the way it runs across the road my front wheel went in to the grove and over I went.

    Few cuts and bruises, top part of my thigh has a bit of road rash and now my shoulder is hurting when I move my arm.

    Bike seems to be fine except the front brake caliper seems a little looser than before and it seems the front and rear brake/gear levers how moved out of position, more inwards.

    Having never done any bike maintenance before, are these easy to remedy or should I take it the LBS?
  2. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    Very sorry to hear about your fall, Wayne. Is your shoulder pain in the shoulder joint or closer to your clavicle? (Hoping your collarbone is ok). Falling sucks. I've been on the ground a few times, always jumping up in embarrassment, looking around to see who saw and worried more about the bike than myself. I've got a couple of places that cross train tracks and I always try to cross at a 90 degree angle to avoid the wheels slipping into those gaps.

    You might be able to move anything like a brake caliper or lever that moved from the fall back in place by hand, then tighten them up. I'd be concerned about whether or not the wheel that went into the gap was still spinning true.
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  3. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan Member

    The pain is more from the shoulder down to the bicep area. Collarbone is fine, thanks.

    The front wheel seems fine. I'll take a look properly after work tomorrow. I gave my bike a clean when I got home and put it in the shed. It does look like I might be able to just adjust and retighten then brake shifters and front caliper.
  4. Paul Garrett

    Paul Garrett Member

    Painted lines in the wet are bad. Railroad tracks can be diabolical. I know from experience that you're down almost before you know what happened Definitely get yourself checked out - minor injuries can become major problems if untreated.
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  5. jimortality

    jimortality Well-Known Member

    I ran into the back of a stationary petrol tanker one morning on my way home from work.
  6. Michael

    Michael Member

    In one incident I had jumped off the bike trying to land in a patch of ferns. Little did I know there was a 3" diameter stump hiding in the fern patch that a beaver had knawed off to a point. I landed on the point at my rib cage without breaking the fall at all. Had some cracked ribs, I think I was lucky it didn't impale me. Anyhow... Beaver-1 Me-0
  7. General Krull

    General Krull New Member

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