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Tech Cycling computers, What do you use?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by SnyperAL, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    I am curious as to what cycling computers you use and the features / benefits of them.

    On my old claud butler I installed a cateye strada cycling computer, it was perfect, a sensor near the front wheel, a little computer on the handlebars, and no cabling at all, it worked perfectly and based on my experience, i naturally bought another for my new bike, however, this one, came with no wheel sensor, and instead uses the gps / bt from your phone to track speed, time, and mileage. I am a little disapointed, and am interested to see what else is out there. I may be looking for something garmin, as i have the ant+ cadence and speed sensor already on my bike.
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    I am using a Garmin 520 edge that I bought with a bundel (HR monitor, cadence meter etc) a couple of months back and I could never go without it anymore.

    It's such a joy to fabricate your own routes on Strava, export them to Garmin and later on drive your virtual route in real life.

    For me the money was well spend. Apart from my bike the best purchase of 2016 ;)
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  3. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Senior Member

    Last year i got a Wahoo Elemnt and couldn't be happier. It's recognized every sensor i've ever thrown at it. The display is bright, large and easy to read. The buttons are well placed and easy to press. The customizable LED's are an absolute masterstroke and best of all it just works - all the time. All setup/customization/planning is done on a phone app/ride with GPS and you just ping it across to the device wirelessly. Piece of cake. It also has Strava live segments and live tracking if you're into that kind of thing. On the downside it's a little larger and heavier than the 520 and it doesn't look as cool. The battery life isn't quite as good (about 5-6 hours) but i absolutely love it to bits. Ride metrics are synced automatically. By the time i've put my bike away the data is already on strava.

    I still use the 520 on occasions where i want something smaller, lighter and more discrete, and it offers a huge amount of functionality for it's size but it's more fiddly to use and i've experienced more than my share of frustration with Garmin computers over the years.

    Of course if you're not fussed about GPS and/or route planning that opens up a massive amount of other options....
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