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Other Commuting. Do you cycle to work?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jul 7, 2016.

Do you cycle to work?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    In response to OP question, now I work at ... very very close to home. Under 100 meters :) so ... commute it is not an option. And I also go out with bike only on good weather. I try to change this but it is a little hard :(.
    Anyway, seeing some of you guys riding in all weather condition give me a push in good direction. But this is a slow to build habit and total lack of any cycling infrastructure not helping. Here to be cyclist it is a very adventurous hobby. Few years ago, bicycle access was forbidden in city center (if you can believe that:eek:). Now we have in our town two bridges and only on one you are allowed to pass on bike. We have in town two streets with bicycle path and one of them is used for car parking and the other one it is suitable for full suspension MTB :(. Well, I will stop here though I can continue for ... pages :broken_heart:
  2. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    Thankfully Denmark is a cyclists paradise, but that dosent mean we dont have to deal with parked cars, other cyclists going 1mph and blocking everything, walking people, red lights, less than ideal asphalt and other odd things. But I guess I shouldnt complain :)

    A normal commuting scheme in Denmark below, this time in Copenhagen, but its similar in other cities too. We're also the leading nation in bicycle related head injuries, I guess you can see why...
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  3. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    I have a "similar" statistic :broken_heart:
    "Bulgaria and Romania have the highest annual road fatality rates among all 28 EU member states, with 95 dead each for every million people, well above the EU average of 51.5 per million, the European Commission road safety report for 2015, released on Thursday, said..."
    I put this here only to show how dangerous it is on road
    I really remain without words when I'm on bike and some car at full sped pass me at 10 inch with the road from opposite direction free and straight for few kilometers.
    I'm really afraid to go on main roads and I chose secondary roads, but that are in very poor condition. It is a loose/loose situation :(
    And another example of "cycling infrastructure", the last one I promise. The bicycle path meeting the road :bomb:
    How this could be possible ?????????????????????
  4. jimortality

    jimortality Well-Known Member

    Wear a helmet! I won't ride without one but my work colleague won't wear one as it doesn't look cool. Even though I may still get injured, at least some protection could be the difference between breathing and not breathing.
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  5. Flaviu

    Flaviu Senior Member

    Yes Jim, I wear a helmet when I'm going on public road. For the ride on bicycle path next to our river ... I'm not wearing one. I will start to wear one in all my rides.
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  6. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    On every commute and training ride I always wear a helmet. On a quick dash to the shops (300m), no, not always.
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  7. John.Dylan.Spooner

    John.Dylan.Spooner Active Member

    Like a few here I started back in the days before crash hats , just those old racing hats.
    I then had one of the early Giro Helmets back in the late 80's & I am here today thanks to that hat.
    After been hit by a car side on I was at speed has this was a decent off a long hill on wonderful early spring evening.
    My hat split from the impact but the shell held together.
    That put an end to my racing days.
    But I wont ride with out a hat no way now matter how sort the ride.
    I ride to work as much has I can I hate spending time off the bike , but some time I have no choice I still suffer from issue with knee's since that crash , but I wont give up some thing that I have enjoyed so much since I first got on a bike.
    Here are a few gpx tracks .
    Hamburg is not famed for hills though.
    My crash was in the UK , a country famed for aggressive car drivers that hate cyclist or at least that was the case in the 80's & 90's
    Hamburg has a small amount of very good paths but a lot of medium to very poor paths to bike wreaking paths.
    It is a hard one to fix in a city with a lack of space when it come to the side streets & to many cars.
    I visited Denmark its is only a few hrs drive from Hamburg & they seem to have very good cycle paths.
    What I like about Hamburg is that I can find nice routes home by cutting through several parks & green area's.
    More now since I got this bike navi computer & the latest outdoor maps. I can just ask it to route me home from work it always come's up with interesting routes depending on how I set it up, or i just make my own route using their online maps & just look for interesting paths off the the roads , even if that can some times not work out. & never more the 10 km from home should I need to get back home quickly.

    2017-06-04 (3).png 2017-06-09 (1).png
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