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Other Commuting. Do you cycle to work?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jul 7, 2016.

Do you cycle to work?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    It seems to be getting more popular everyday: take your bicycle and ride to your work.

    Do you you cycle to work? Has your employer made any special arrangements? Do you shower at work? Are you only taking the bike when the weather is good? Etc etc..

    Curious to read your answers and votes.
  2. PicoBp

    PicoBp Member

    I do most of the time, when I have the chance (don't have to suit up) and there's no big rain expected. It's approx 5-5,5 km from home, the route leading through one of our biggest public parks and with quite a bit of ups and downs from an elevation perspective. No special arrangements or such, but I still enjoy its advantages. :)
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  3. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    I can't, because I get picked up in the morning and dropped off in the evening at my front door. It's a pity, but really convenient when it's hooning down.
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  4. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan Member

    I've started to commute to work in the last month or 2, with work having signed up to a cycle scheme. Although I'm using my road bike with I purchased through the cycle scheme about 2 years ago and not the hybrid I just recently purchased. A lot of people in work have also signed up to it and are now cycling into work and now you normally see 10-15 bikes in the bike rack, whereas before there may have only been 2-3. So cycling in to work with the help of a cycle scheme has help in my workplace.

    My work is only 1.8 mile from home and I used to commute by going a longer way in, roughly about 10 miles, but I found it a real pain to cycling in work, get cleaned up (no showers) and then changed in to work clothes. No I'm just going to do my commute have a bite to eat then go for a ride/workout. I also work shifts so one week I'm on 6-2, the next week I'll be on 2-10 so I just do the opposite when I'm on 2-10, go for ride, bite to eat the to work.

    As for riding in the rain, now I have a waterproof top to use, I don't mind cycling in the rain.
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  5. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota Well-Known Member

    This is my usual ride to work. It is not far away, but I have to "climb" up around 180 metres to come there (an easy busy to ride home it is :D ) so after an hour I spend every morning in the gym, I do just fine workout(s) before I start with my job. I don t ride there in the rain or if I think it might rain (yeah, I am spoiled) even I have shower available in any time.

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
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  6. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein Active Member

    I mostly ride unless it is raining heavily. We have lockers and showers, but I am not using the shower anymore as I dont break a sweat as I am getting fitter and going fast through the city doesnt gain you time anyway. It is 9km and home I take a ferry and avoid the city and have a nice 12km ride.
    I also try to have at least three to four big after work ride (80 to 120km) per month.
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  7. jimortality

    jimortality Well-Known Member

    I've been cycling to work for a number of years. Apart from one job and it was 17 miles each way so I had a car then. I currently do 3 miles each way and If I have time then I'll go a different route. I have waterproofs but we don't have a shower at work. I used to wear the gear to cycle my 3 miles but recently, I've just done what the city dwellers do and cycle in my work clothes. I always wear my helmet whatever and reflective Yellow jacket! Yes in the rain which over here is all the fuckin time lol!
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  8. Petra

    Petra Well-Known Member

    I cycle to work 4 times a week, about 7km a day total. We have a cycle scheme at work, I got this baby (a Batavus Diva plus...what's in a name? :innocent: ) last year:


    I use this bike every day getting around Deventer, doing my shopping, going into town etc. No hills in the near area and very good (and flat) cycle trakcs everywhere.
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  9. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    I thought I'd seen a lot of cycles is Cambridge, until I went to Amsterdam last year, wow! Multi story car parks just for cycles, and infrastructure designed around cycles, great to see and our country (UK) would benefit a lot from this fresher approach.
  10. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi New Member

    I used to ride my bike to school 20 kilometers and 20 kilometers back. Did that for 4 years until we moved, now it's 5,5km and 5,5 back. :)
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  11. Metalogic

    Metalogic Active Member

    Yes, every day, whatever the weather, it's about an 8 mile round trip.
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  12. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    I wish I could still ride to work. I did for 10+ years, a short 4+4 mile ride in any weather.
    But now I have a 35 (70 round trip) mile commute. It is possible, and I've done that ride there and back before on a weekend. But it's not practical, especially when I have to get kids to school, prepare dinner etc...

    But I would be pretty damned fit if I rode 70 miles 5 days a week. ;)
  13. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    You'd be fit like a pro!
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  14. arthur666

    arthur666 Senior Member

    Ha ha, yes, I guess so.

    But seriously: I have been kicking around the idea of returning to a job closer to home. The thought of being able to ride more is not a small factor in this decision.
    I was really lucky to have a shower and locker room at that last job, plus a covered area to lock my bike.
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  15. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    I'd love a job with a commutable bike route, but I'm site based and could be anywhere in a 150 mile radius.

    Even somewhere a mile away with an in site shower would be enough to get me out on my wheels.
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  16. James

    James Active Member

    No bike commuting. Wife forbids it. I could get it down to 20 miles each way, but the humid conditions would make for a wet ride in.
  17. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    Resurrecting this; I've recently started commuting to work (as a few of you have noticed on Strava - thanks for the kudos :)), and I was wondering if we could use this thread for tips/tricks/bikes/clothing/whatever?
    An unexpected, but very welcome, side-effect I've noticed is when I get home after the ride back from work, I'm less stressed. The trip is fairly short, but its right across town and traffic in a car is absolute murder; dealing with idiots not paying attention or trundling along with 30-40km/h. It stresses me to no end. That problem has disappeared after I started biking and avoiding most of the traffic. And it only takes 10 mins longer.
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  18. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein Active Member

    Good idea.

    In the very cold winter -10°C to +5°C I wear the following:
    - Thermo socks (Grib Grab)
    - Summer shoes (Specialized MTB)
    - Overshoes (Grib Grab)
    - Leg warmers (Grib Grab)
    - Long bib tights (various warm ones)
    - Normal long base layer (Underarmour, probably should invest in a thermal one)
    - Normal long sleeve jersey
    - Windblocker jersey (wiggle not very breathable but good for a <10km commute)
    - Wind west
    - Warm gloves (Castelli)
    - Neck warmer
    - Scull cap (Vaude)

    If it gets warmer I first get rid auf the normal jersey, then the west, then the leg warmers.

    For everything above around 5°C in the morning I take:
    - Thermo socks
    - Summer shoes with toe warmers
    - Leg warmers
    - Bib shorts
    - long base layer
    - windblocker jersey or (when I plan for a ride after work) normal short sleeve jersey + arm warmers + wind west
    - Buff (to keep the head warm)

    That setup espcially with the short jersey, arm warmers and west is really good in the spring. Just warm enough for 5°C in the morning, then you can get rid of the leg warmers, west and maybe arm warmers when you go for a ride after work, but the west and the toe warmers still make sure you a warm on the descents :)

    Last year I started commuting in normal clothes, but now always go in full road kit. Takes a bit longer, but does a better job at keeping you warm and dont have to shower after an easy commute and I can always put in a long ride after work if I want :)

    P.S. One thing I realised late is that I was wearing a neck warmer in to warm conditions. In the end just had a sweaty and cold neck. But had a bit of a fear of getting cold, but definetely no neck warmer above 5°C
  19. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Senior Member

    I'm very similar when it comes to layering up. I'm just missing a jersey, but I'm on the lookout for one, just not sure to get a decent one or go all-in with über quality stuff like this Gore: http://www.goreapparel.com/gore-bike-wear/men/power-windstopper-soft-shell-zip-off-jersey/SWZOPO.html?cgid=gbw-men-geartype-jerseys&q=power gbw&dwvar_SWZOPO_color=3599&navid=search&start=2
    Tried it out at my local bike shop and its super quality and very good to have on and it suits my need 100%, but the price is steep, shop is willing to slash 25% of the price though. I have their bibtights and love them, so its tempting.

    Like you I also go in full kit every time, its just much better than work clothing, and like you I have the possibility to go for a longer ride home if I fancy it.
  20. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein Active Member

    Depends on your weather. For commuting I am fine with a cheap one for 50 or 60€ (everything below 45 to 30min), but when it comes to long rides with some hills in the winter it is horrible if the breathability is not superb. You are just freezing on the down hills. After a few rides in November I decided to do only commuting and a bit of work on the trainer.

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