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Sport Best way to convince parents to allow you to stay up?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by chessmaster02, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. chessmaster02

    chessmaster02 New Member


    I am an Aussie Teenager who has a passion for watching cycling (to the dismay of several of my friends) and as the Tour is on now, I of course want to watch it. But because of timezones (Ugghhh) I need to stay up until 1AM to watch the whole race essentially. But of course parents have better ideas. It is school holidays atm so I can stay up a bit later but does anybody have any ideas on how I can convince them to let me watch it a bit more.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Petra

    Petra Well-Known Member

    [mothermodeon] Mother of a Dutch teenager here. You can't convince them, trust me. My son tries, he rarely has any luck :p. The only way he can convince me sometimes is by promising he will get up at a normal hour the next day and won't be cranky due to the lack of sleep. Cause normally that is the problem. He wants to stay up late, gets up at noon the next day and is tired and moody all day long. :rolleyes: [mothermodeoff]

    You can always watch a re-run online, right? At normal hours?
  3. norbs

    norbs Member

    You need to read this...



    Also, get an account at cycling torrents to help to catch up on what you miss.
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  4. Michael

    Michael Member

    Father of 2 teens, an 8 and 5 year old here... ask nicely and promise to do the lawn, laundry and dishes the next day.:p
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  5. chessmaster02

    chessmaster02 New Member

    I will keep that in mind!
    I know I can watch a rerun, but I love to watch it live, otherwise I find it boring cos it has already happened, plus it takes hours to watch (Time I dont have during the day)
  6. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek New Member

    Make a deal. You let me stay up to watch my passion, I'll do the dishes for a week; something to that effect. Usually worked for me when I was young haha. Really, everyone's parents are different, so you are the person who would best know how to persuade them. It may also help to take some time to articulate a way to express its importance to them. Typically, when parents see that you put forth effort, and demonstrate how much it means to you, they are much more likely to make exceptions.
  7. chessmaster02

    chessmaster02 New Member

    Also I forgot to mention as all the races are at night here, this is a common problem. If there was more races I could watch live during the week I wouldnt bother really,
  8. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld Senior Member

    Record the races at night, avoid the spoilers and watch them during the day?
  9. chessmaster02

    chessmaster02 New Member

    I can't, I got school

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