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Cyclocross Which Cyclocross Tires

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Jan Larsen, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Active Member

    It's now time for different tires, but I'm having trouble choosing which one. I know I want a low-profile, slick/semi-slick thread design. And I want sticky rubber and low rolling resistance. My current tires are Schwalbe Super Swan (knobby dirt/mud tire) in 700x35c. I'm looking for the same size tire or slightly bigger, up to 40c.

    The tires I have narrowed down that'll suit my area (asphalt, gravel, easy/medium singletracks) the best are listed below.

    Continental Cyclocross Speed 35c:

    Maxxis Re-Fuse 40c:

    Kenda Flintridge Pro 35c:

    Clement LAS 35c:

    These are the 4 choices I've narrowed it down to. Now, does any of you have experience with any of these tires, regardless of sizes?
  2. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Well-Known Member

    Don't want to confuse things even more but thought about the Schwalbe G one?


    I know a couple of people who use them and are very impressed, especially with how well they roll on tarmac. Available in 35 and 38 i think.
  3. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Active Member

    Oh yeah, forgot about those. No issues with durability?
  4. dazzyb2k3

    dazzyb2k3 Well-Known Member

    Don't know for sure but i think the great performance is partly down to a softer compound so probably not amazingly durable. I also just remembered they are tubeless - so might not be suitable (depending on your setup).
  5. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Active Member

    I'll be keeping the tubes in. Tubeless is such a hassle and not really needed for me.
  6. arthur666

    arthur666 Well-Known Member

    Of the tires you chose, the Kenda is what I would pick for your riding. That Maxxis is what I'ld put on my bike, but I don't do much dirt. Those others have those large side knobs that I absolutely hate, especially if you're cornering hard on pavement.

    Schwalbe looks good. Can you get one that's not tubeless? I ran a similar Kenda Small Block 8 for a while. Good tire overall but I felt the knobs where just a little too tall for road riding. Schwalbe looks like a lower knob profile, maybe.

    Now I'm running Panaracer Paselas (700x32), which I love, but they're not great for dirt. I cut thru on a trail once in a while, but if I was going on an actual dirt ride, I'ld want something else.
  7. Continental Cyclocross Speed 35c: found these really bad for punctures when used in a city work commute
    They run fast & smooth are ok-ish for trail riding but mud you can forget it .
    I solved the puncture issue buy using self sealing tubes or filling them with sealing liquid adds a small amount of weight but not a big price to pay.

    I do not use them anymore having moved onto full cross tires from Schwalbe still have puncture issue with them to but just use the same liquid to fill the tubes.

    I have settled with the Schwalbe brand these days their fully puncture proof tires are good but heavy Schwalbe marathon GreenGuard Reflex can also be found in 32 . they are almost as good has the full protection Plus series but much lighter & they roll good work very well in the wet in most conditions cold or warm they are also a lot cheaper , wear rate is about the same . good for trail riding & can handle mud you can even get ones with a deeper tread , they are a good all round none racing tire but still fast.

    I have these mounted on my 2nd set of wheels for when I need them.

    I can say I have had less issues with this brand than, Continental. & I have spent almost 7 years finding solutions for the destructive conditions found in my new home since 2009 Hamburg Germany . that is down to so many mixed surfaces found here.
    the good cycle paths are limited , but on my sort run to work I come across tarmac . paths . paved paths , packed earth . Cobbles section that are almost as rough Paris-Roubaix in some of the older streets found here.

    I have over the year had all sort of items fail , but now have a quite good stable build based on a cross bike. so it is good testing ground for all sorts of items.
    Once on the trails or woodlands found around the city all is good.

    The other makes & can not say anything about , I have used Vittoria open pave cg's with this bike to for summer sealed surface riding & for the Cyclassic's Sportive not a the cheapest tire and specially made with Paris-Roubaix in mind , but I wanted to get around the course without any flats & they did the job very well , but they are a racing tire with lot of comfort for a narrow racing profile, the premium price is because they are hand made or were still at the time I picked up mine back in 2013.

    Vittoria also have some nice Cross Tires you may want to take a look at though I have not used any of them it would be another option to look into.
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  8. I run Schwalbe full cross tires for my city riding & Trail & off road . even with the full Knobbly treads I find very little movement or roll on sealed surfaces & seem to be good even in the wet on hard surfaces, with other makes of the same type of tire I have some very testing times in the same condition I have sued both the full cross tread & the more trail aimed Cross tires from Schwalbe . both have now been replaced in the new line up for 2017. by the G series & the new full cross models.

    Schwalbe seem to get very good feedback for their rubber compounds , they seem to work very well in all temps & wet weather.
    I have been very happy with them now for a few years.
  9. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Active Member

    Cheers for your comments John, I'll probably go with the G-one, I have Schwalbe Super Swan's on now and they've been trouble free so far. Birthday coming up, so waiting to see what I get :)
  10. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

    Will you let us know how the G's work on your bike Jan?

    Thanks John for adding to the convo!
  11. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen Active Member

    Absolutely, but it'll be a while. It's my birthday on sunday where I may receive them and then I'll have to mount them ☺
  12. Looks like Schwalbe have updated their range for this year the G- series are knew to me . that is maybe why I got such a good price on the cross tires I have now . the shops must have been clearing out to re-stock .
    Please keep the thread up dated on how you find those new G-ones another few months & I will will be looking for knew tires.
  13. The puncture issues in Hamburg are unique & more limited to riding in the city , I have has less problems once out on the trails & woods & paths that wind their way inside & along the river Elbe. The biggest factor is the grit used for winter is is lethal to tires without puncture protection , the small flint like stone's cut through tires like knifes summer is way better once its all been swept away.
  14. top to bottom a few other choices , more options is always better.

    WTBExposure TCS

    WTBRiddler TCS Light Fast Rolling

    ChallengeChicane 33 Cross Open

    VittoriaCross XN Pro 31x622

    254914_2388881.jpg 255146_2390791 (1).jpg 238448_2240712.jpg 148767_1707562.jpg

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