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Other How many here are also (car) sim racers?

Discussion in 'Cycling Department Forum' started by Metalogic, Jul 2, 2016.

Do you play (car) racing sims?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Metalogic

    Metalogic Active Member

    Given that this forum seems to have sprung as an off-shoot from the RaceDepartment forum, I'm expecting this number to be quite high, but am just wondering, how many here are also (car) sim racers?
  2. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan Member

    Yeah. I came here from racedepartment. Over the last 12 months or so I've not really had the time to race. My sub is about to run out on iRacing and can't see me renewing it.
  3. Günthar

    Günthar Active Member

    I was very heavily into it. Working with a few companies and developing free content. Just ask @Bram :)
  4. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells Well-Known Member

    Yes indeed, I think I own almost every sim except for Iracing. Current favs are Dirt Rally, Automobilista, and Assetto Corsa. Also a big fan of ETS2 and ATS. Heck, if I could drive Microsoft Excel with my G27 & shifter, I'd do it. :D
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  5. Metalogic

    Metalogic Active Member

    Raceroom Racing Experience is my favourite sim, though Automobilista and Assetto Corsa aren't far behind, they're all fun in different ways. I also like trucking in ETS 2 :)
  6. SnyperAL

    SnyperAL Well-Known Member

    I race a fair bit in iRacing, but I'm taking a break while I get to grips with Arma, I'll be back soon though, no doubt when the weather changes.
  7. Bram

    Bram Senior Member

    Hey guys, I don't want to moderate this forum at all actually but let's keep the sim racing related discussions at the site where they fit best: www.racedepartment.com and continue here with cycling discussions. :)
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